About Us


Western Plains Division

Award of Distinction:

Most Improved Chapter 2018


Alexander C Earl

Eugene Tarr

Henry K Bell

Jacob S Lowe

John LN Hunt

John C Johnson

Richard H Alfred

William R Cunningham 

Charles T Paul

James F Johnson

John G Logue

Owen W Finley

Thomas G Miliken 

Walter L Garnett 

Walter S Pope

William F Buckley

Texas Delts

Texas Delta Tau Delta is proud to boast not only the largest IFC chapter at The University of Texas at Austin, but the largest Delt chapter in the Nation with approximately 215 brothers. 

Academic Rankings

(among other fraternities)

New Members - 16th (3.161 GPA)

Actives - 8th (3.314 GPA)

Chapter - 8th (3.276 GPA)

Mailing Address

2801 San Jacinto Blvd.

Austin, TX


Our Creed

I believe in Delta Tau Delta...

For the education of youth and the inspiration of maturity, so that I may better learn and live the truth.

I believe in Delta Tau Delta...

As a shrine of international brotherhood: her cornerstone friendship, her foundation conscience, her columns aspiration, her girders self-restraint, her doorway opportunity, her windows understanding, her buttresses loyalty, her strength the Everlasting Arms.

I believe in Delta Tau Delta...

As an abiding influence to help me do my work, fulfill my obligations, maintain my self-respect, and bring about that happy life wherein I may more truly love my fellow men, serve my country, and obey my God.